Child Custody and Child Support

If you and the other parent of your child or children are not married and not together anymore, you need a custody order establishing legal and physical custody, visitation, child support and other important issues regarding your children.  Attorney Laurie Dodd can help you with the process to obtain such orders. 


If you already have an established custody order, whether from a custody case or a divorce, that judgment can be modified upon a showing of substantial and continuing circumstances.  If you are paying child support and your income decreases, or if you are receiving child support and the parent paying child support has an increase in income, you may be able to modify your child support amount accordingly. Or, it may be that the custody and visitation schedule currently in place is no longer in the best interests of the children.  If any of these situations apply to you, Attorney Laurie Dodd can file a Motion to Modify the current Judgment on your behalf. 


Perhaps the other parent has failed to abide by the Judgment in place by failing to pay for medical bills, daycare, child support, etc.  In this case, Attorney Dodd can file a Motion for Contempt.  If the other parent is found in contempt, you may even be awarded your attorney’s fees. 


Attorney Laurie Dodd can also represent you if one of these matters have been filed against you, to protect your rights as a parent and the best interests of the child.