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St. Peters Criminal & Family Law Attorneys

Criminal Law

Vast experience in all levels of criminal cases.  We handle felonies, misdemeanors, and traffic cases alike.  Drug Possession, Assault, Probation Violation, Speeding Tickets, Accidents & many more areas covered.

Family Law

We are familiar faces in the local area family law courts and well versed in the Court’s procedures.  We offer high level guidance for your divorce, custody, child support, modification or other family law case.


Once charged you may be facing significant fines, jail time, and loss of driving privileges among other things.  All is not lost.  With the right legal counsel many people are able to avoid a conviction and keep a clean record.

Personal Injury Law

If you were injured in a car accident or at the workplace we are able to assist you.  We represent victims and their families and assist them after the negligence or bad conduct of another has led them to suffer.



Law firm devoted to our clients

Experienced litigation attorneys with an office in St. Peters, Missouri.  It is our goal to bring top tier representation to all of our clients on cases big and small.  Often times the difference between winning and losing a case is determined by the legal counsel in which a person employs.  If you are going through a divorce, custody, child support, criminal, or DUI DWI matter then you should allow us to show you the level of service we bring to the table.  We want to win your case for you!

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